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Ancient India


3 Major Seasons
Indian Civilization
City Life in India
Indian Government
What Happened?
The Aryans

Map of Ancient India

Geography of India
- The geography of India is very diverse
- 3 major geographical locations
   + Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges
   + Ganges River valley is just south of the mountain ranges
       - it is a very fertile valley, which is one of the main areas of Ancient civilizations
   + Indus River valley is to the west of the modern day India
       - the Indus actually flows though the modern day Pakistan, but, was the home of the first Indian civilization
- Southern India is full of hills and plateaus
- Deccan Plateau extends from the Ganges River valley to the southern tip of India
   +The middle of India is relatively sparse, but the eastern and western coasts were very densly populated

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